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May 28, 2008


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thanks for swinging by. I would gladly trade atc's with you. This entry strikes so close to my heart. My son completes his junior year tomorrow and even though he is so eager to leave home, my heart is heavy as we start the college search in earnest. I don't want to stand in his way, but like you, I remember the hospital room where he was delivered. Where o where did all those years go? How can I have an almost 17 year old? I remember lining up at college for a dorm room!! We must let them go despite how bittersweet it is. They must find their wings and fly....hopefully we taught them well and no mishaps befall them. Then hopefully, they come back to visit. I saw Lion King on the London equivalent of Broadway and just hang on to the fact that this is the circle of life... the way it has always been. The way it will always be.

Hi Kathy... I think that might be one of the MOST beautiful baby pictures I've ever seen... stunning! OK, now I've been the one lurking, and reading, and enjoying your family. Your family photos are really beautiful, as is every one of you in the pictures! So nice to see such a beautiful family that is still together, whether they are in physical proximity of each other, or not! :)

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