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May 11, 2008


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Those are a lot of pictures of baby me!! =) They are very cute!!

Look, I am introducing you to a new aspect of your blog!! I hope that you can see this!!

I love you and wish I was home to spend Mothers Day with you!! But I will see you on Friday! I CANT wait!!

Your first little baby!!

Hi mommy!
third little baby here! :]
(you know, the one you like the mostest)
i just wanted to let you know how fabulous your writing is, i never realized how well you write until now!!
I LOVE THIS BLOG! you can still do all of that you know!!
love you and happy mothers day!

what a beautiful post kathy. I have had quite a morning reading your thoughts. I can share so many of them. My oldest is a junior for another couple of weeks and we are already searching for colleeges. I am so afraid and fearful of him setting out on its own. I love how you express these emotions. And your journal pages are just lovely too. I must try and get some more of my journal pages online. I just never have the time. Love your blog Kathy. So glad to see you getting into it. It is a great outlet. Are you in touch with Jennifer?
Thanks for stopping by!!

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