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May 22, 2008


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I am lovin the ability to pop right over to someone's blog after checking a comment! Thanks for kind words and lovely virgin/mother image on this post, very regal but warm. I couldn't agree more with your commentary, she's really a universal symbol. An aside, did you know a kwan win started out as a male? Must have seen the error of his ways! Good to hear from you!

Hey Kathy! Congrats on a fabulous Blog! First off, it looks so professional! I love the banner - so You! Second, I enjoyed your comments about the Goddess. When you come back to Portland, if you haven't already visited the Grotto - a Catholic sanctuary devoted to Mary, you'll enjoy the visit. (It's about 7" from the Art and Soul Retreat!). Third - Congrats on having your jewelry at SAKS! I'm impressed! Good for you!

I'll look forward to more


Hi Kathleen,

I popped over here from your comment at Shirley's blog. This is how you respond to posted comments: You just click on the name of the person at the end of their comment. That should either take you to their blog or email address in your mail application. Their blog might have a link to "email me" and then you can go direct. Otherwise you can leave a comment on their blog and mention a thank you for their comment on yours. If it doesn't take you anywhere but to some dead end, you don't owe a comment. Some blog authors actually post their comments after the other people's comments and if you get some regular people commenting here, they will learn if that is the way you want to do it.

I enjoyed reading what you have here so far. Pretty jewelry and very interesting info about SoulCollage. I wish you much success.

Hi Kathy,
What great information on the virgin. I had no idea. Thank you for sharing these pearls!

I really like your blog...is has a graceful feel to it, so the Grace is definitely echoing:)

Have a wonderful weekend, and...I'm looking forward to out 'girls time out' in a few weeks!

I love this collage and your other "soul collages" Your colors and designs are beautiful. Thanks for sopping by and for your comment as well. I will return to see more of your art! Roxanne

dear Kathleen
browsing your site we have a lot in common,
reading the same books, and same mentor in Joseph Campbell - thanks for your additional comments; we must talk more!
jenn aka musemother

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