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May 15, 2008


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here you are! good to see you kathy - i'll come back often. enjoy the summer with your kids. glad they are home now - nothing is better than that! xo

Kath, I love it!!! I am looking forward to checking often to find out what new stuff you have posted. I love you! Laur

Kathy!!!! You rock sister. I can't believe how awesome this is. Your words flow so well, it's like you were sitting right next to me telling the story. Looking forward to more posts from you my friend.

Jennifer White

Oh my yes..I'm familiar with that Kahlil Gibran poem, and The Prophet. Amazingly his words help me tremendously...for I too had to let Kamaria fly (at an early age). We adjust as I know you know that, and we feel good that we've raised and set free some wonderful and good...citizens of the planet.

A beautiful sharing my friend.
Thank you!

Those words are amazing, so heartfelt and honest. I loved the quote by Khalil too, it really puts motherhood into perspective. Thank you for such a beautiful post. Hugs.

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