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July 11, 2008


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Kathy... OMG!!! This is so exciting and I was so emotional just reading it. I cannot imagine having that much tenacity and dedication as your son has had over the past year at his young age. I was a total dork my freshman year and had no direction whatsoever.

How wonderful to share this story...you truly have an amazing family and I love learning about them on your blog.

What a great story. Your son sounds adorable! My son is almost 16 and is such a joy for me as well! Roxanne


What a wonderful story and a wonderful lesson for anyone who has ever had a dream! Your son sounds like quite a treasure! What a fantastic outlook he has on life and how our plans can sometimes change. Quite a big lesson for such a young man, but one that will serve him quite well throughout his entire life!

You and your husband are fantastic parents who have taught your children to live their lives with hope. What a wonderful gift you have given them, Kathleen!

I really enjoyed getting to know Steve a bit better. Please congratulate him for me! You deserve to be very, very proud of him. And somehow, if he thinks that he will be walking on to the field like Rudy, I have a feeling he just might achieve that someday!

Thanks for sharing this story.


Chiming in to sound one more note of glee.

Me too! That is an awesome story! What a great thing to watch your son accomplish what he set out to do. I guess he really did want it.

Yay team!

Hey girlfriend! What a great story about your son and ND... and I hope he is as successful as a "walk on" for the football team as he has been academically! He is a handsome young man with a great "twinkle" in his eye, and I think he'll go on to amaze you and everyone else who comes into contact with him. Brava, mom! Clearly you and your hubby have done a great job raising your kids and you have every right to be proud! And I agree w/Steve... had he been accepted his freshman year to ND there's no way it would've meant as much to him as it will this year. Hard work and determination are an excellent lesson for all of us to learn, and the sooner the better, right?!? I'm delighted for you and your son, I know he's just itching to get to ND later this month! All my best, K.

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