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August 25, 2008


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You were the first post on my four day old blog that wasn't related! I think that makes us best friends! LOL
Your blog is gorgeous, but your family is even more luminescent.
I am curious what Soul Collage is? Sounds like something I would love! I am just entering the phase of children being in school full-time. And like you beginning to discover what fills ME with joy. I look forward to getting to know you and wish you the best of luck in our class.
Best, Kim

Such a beautiful post, dear heart. I am feeling the same way. My two oldest begin college classes today, and my youngest girls will start High School next week. I am the beach right now, taking in the quiet stillness of being alone. Where do we go from here?


Such a calming post and so welcome in the hustle and bustle of "back to school."

I've taped Mitchell's sentiment to my computer, but "She allows things to come and go" shall be my new mantra.

By the way, I love your reflections and affirmations, but I would also enjoy hearing a bit more in your posts about your collages. For example, what inspired the one above and what was your process?

P.S. We had an "almost" autumn morning in Mayberry this morning -- 60 degrees when I stepped outside to fetch the newspaper. It was brilliant!

Beautiful, beautiful post, the art, the poem and your banner. You have inspired me today! Roxanne

Here's what I see: Inconsistently Scarred to Preserve True Vintage Character.

Don't we know that's true!

Hi Kathleen,
Thanks for your comments on my blog. I see you are feeling the same as I. It is funny how we as mothers have to adjust in our role, as our families grow and change. I never realized it until this year. Love your blog too, I will be back to visit.
Take Care,
Janet :)

Dear Kathleen
thanks for your comment on my blog. Looking at yours is very peaceful. Love the images. Just spent the morning doing soul collage - what a wonderful soothing practice. I make little retreats for just me, even if the kids are home (asleep, like teens do in the morning). School has started this week for us too, and it feels too soon. Hot sun, the pool shining and inviting me in, but I'm too busy indoors.....

The words and the journal page in this post are both so wonderful.

I love this page!

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