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August 19, 2008


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I feel for you and her. Life is a dream; how I wish it could be a sweet one.

She is lovely! We do the very best that we can and then they must figure the rest out on their own. Like you, I never pushed anything on my girls, but each one seemed to find their own likes and dislikes. I am sure that your oldest is just feeling the pressure of another transition growing near. She will do great! Just remind her that she can and should try anything that catches her interest. It's up to her to search for and discover her own passion. Ultimately, isn't it better for us to discover the "passion" for ourselves, in or own time?

Hugs and love,

the regrets are pointless for both sides--parent and child. I felt like your daughter for so long--no one mentored me or encouraged me and I got married at 17 and had children and didn't start college til I was 29. But I also started a really successful magazine for women when I was 50, so maybe my path was harder and more circuitous than it would have been if my mother had pushed me and paved my way, but maybe I wouldn't have achieved what I have either. More and more I feel that our individual paths are so mysterious and unique that there is no predicting where they will lead us.

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