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August 29, 2008


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Gorgeous oaks -I think they are my favorite tree. I like the essay and taking notice of perception. I think it's very true and we all look at the world differently.

What beautiful Fall scenery! Luv your blog header.
Wishing you a pleasant week-end.

Hi Kathleen,
Yes, the Postmodern "Madonna and Child" stamp is for sale.
It measures approx. 3" across and 4.5" tall and is in very good condition.
"If" you are interested in other rubber stamps, please go back to my blog. and click on the picture of the "blue birds" on the right hand side - it will take you to my WebShots site where I have other stamps 4-sale.
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Many thanks for your visit to my blog and your interest.

Oh friend,

What a beautifully written sentiment! I understand. It's all about how we perceive our days, isn't it? We all have those grumbly days, but things seem so much more meaningful when we look at the beauty.

Thank you so much for sharing this. I will think about it when I am having one of those "grumbly" moments! You are awesome.

Much love,

Your photograph of the trees is amazing and what a beautiful view. YOur writing is very beautiful, Kathleen such a lovely gift to help you work out your thoughts. And I am loving your recent art! I hope your days are less grumbly soon! Roxanne

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