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September 15, 2008


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My heart grew so full as I read your post! What an awesome way to spend the weekend, and what a beautiful "second" dream home you have! Noise, laughter, food, the energy of young people, and even finding a quiet corner to toast with your husband. What more could we ask for? Enjoy your solitude. What makes the quiet days even better are the echos of the "noisier" times. You deserve a whole lot of both, my sweet friend!


Yes! What a weekend... your Fall will be full of weekends like this, hopefully w/out all the rain. Sounds like this is a new adventure for you and that you are truely enjoying it!

Jill Berry class in Springfield this past weekend ROCKED! With the exception of the drive to Springfield that is. Cannot wait to show you what we made. I'll take some pictures of the books and email them to you outside of your blog.

You would love Jill... we thought of you during class.

Have a great day in the studio Kathleen... back to Valley Ridge for Julia and I this weekend for a Book of Talking Ribbons.

Getting Exhausted but still having fun....

What a wonderful story, I loved hearing about your weekend. And your art...glorius! Such a beautiful turquoise and your diagonal design is giving me ideas! I hope you have a very creative week in your studio...Roxanne

You light my way.

Beautiful, beautiful piece of art. Love your choice of images.

Kath, I loved reading every bit-actually getting teary eyed as though I were with you, feeling it too. I love you and your pages and hope that I can get a bit more practice at responding-seeing everything- because I feel very close to you and your family when I read them...as always, I love you and remain JUST Laur!

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