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October 02, 2008


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Wish I could be there to sit and enjoy some tea with you...have a great day, Kathy!

There is so much emerging from you. I stand in awe and appreciation.

Boy do I need tension. I deny it. I say I want peace but I create the tension -- sometimes just to be productive. To feel alive. To mask what won't calm.

I'm learning, though. Learning. Thanks for the reminder.

I stand here ironing... Ironing nearly always reduces my tension

Hi!! Thanks for looking at my website! I will NEVER get to a JColes workshop..LOL..NO ONE is worth paying $3000 to take a class with..NO ONE..not even Mel Gibson..LOL..
Hugs! Suzan!!

Very calming! Even though the colors are vivid and warm, the Buddha is so serene. I love this piece.

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