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October 23, 2008


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How serene. Just my kind of space. Isn't is freeing to be in your jammies at 3 in the afternoon?

It's Saturday, 1:00 pm, and I'm on the sofa watching college football in my jammies. Life is good.

P.s. What a lovely spot in your home!

I need a day like this! How very lovely... Roxanne

Dear, dear Kathy,
I'm so glad I stopped by your blog...I miss you girl! We MUST set another girlfriends afternoon...soon..yes? Pleasecall or e-mail me w/dates.

I LOVE this post...the photo and your writing. You describe the kind of day I remember having..once upon a time. Oh..how I long for that peace and contentment again..sustained that is. - I'm lovin' the buddha and the mandala in the photo..

much love to you my friend...
xxooxx... Cheryl

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