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December 05, 2008


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Beautiful post, Kathleen..

I saw a television commercial recently of young children opening presents on Christmas morning and got all weepy and sentimental. My teenagers are getting a handbag and an iPod. They'll be delighted, but it's not the same as squealing toddlers. I'll always remember the Christmas morning my three-year old son was joyous over a toy sweeper and ran it all morning long in his footie pajamas.

New traditions . . . I must learn to embrace it, content in knowing we're creating a new kind of memory.

I agree - we have to embrace the change as our "little" ones are not little any longer. I am being gentle with myself when I get weepy and enjoying the new twists on traditions at our house.

Thanks for helping me to think about this.

Hi Kathy...
Your words are a loving balm that ministers to my heart and soul...and I thank you. As you know, I too deal with this issue..adjusting to the changing times when our children are..grown up and living...away. Grace does breeze through us and offer Her gifts, and oh what a Blessing that is. Thank you for communicating it so beautifully.

much love...

I thought I had commented on this, but I must have read it at work and ran out of time... Your new traditions, if they turn out to be so, sound so exciting and fun... you embrace your life with such energy and acceptance. It is amazing how fast families change... Merry Christmas to you! Roxanne

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