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January 30, 2009


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I can relate to the piles.
That is my mission today.
Clearing my mind of the paperwork
So I can begin to create.

Kathy.... Kathy! Oh how I love the pears. You are so sweet! I think I've started to accept the piles of *(#$#* when it comes to creativity. Maybe that's the environment where the one can create the best they can? I don't know... just something I was thinking about when looking at all those beautiful layouts in "Where Creative Women Create" magazine... or whatever it's called. Those places are perfect. Which I think is unrealistic, right?

I am still couch ridden and will be for maybe even another week. I see the doc on Tuesday for him to "uncast" me and change the dressing, then re-cast and wait another week before the stitches can be removed. I must say, this is the worst of the surgeries that I've had this year. The pain can be unbearable so I am taking many meds which put me in a coma-like state. A lot was done to my ankle so I know a lot of healing needs to take place.

You said it. Patience. Patience. I need to dig deep for patience.

Thank you for this beautiful post my friend... you are so special to me.

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