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January 27, 2009


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OH- I can relate to everything you said. My husband is an engineer: Research everything, measure twice (or five times, at least) cut once-- but a few years ago he built me shelves for my rubber stamps-just like the shelves in stamp stores! I have enjoyed them so much!
Husbands . . . they are worth all the angst! LOL
And btw-Your collage Is beautiful!


Photos, please! Please? Nothing makes me swoon like a wall of organizers.

And aren't helpful men lovely? I bought a bunch of uncut rubber stamps and today Mr. Mom cut little blocks of wood for them. Talk about making me swoon.

Wow - 60 unfilled drawers.... that would soooo make me go to pieces trying to decide what goes in each one!!!

and i agree with MM - post a picture!!!

personally, I think there is hardly anything more delicious then chaotic craft clutter - a creative frenzy in action... somehow, to tame it is to tame it.... lol


he does "get" you. isn't that a great feeling those moments in life when someone shows you they get you.
What a lucky woman (and he is a lucky guy)

Funny, I sorted and arranged this weekend. Each time I do sort I get a burst of energy to create more. Seeing all my "stuff" sparks ideas.

Love the collage - love the colors - drawn to the rusty browns and reds. Gorgeous!

i was thinking the same thing......picture please!!!
we might all have storage envy!!!!! i was just in my art room tonight thinking of ways to create more space and organization....

your collage is very beautiful!
have fun organizing your new drawers!

What a beautiful post, Kathleen! If your husband doesn't totally "get you", it sure sounds like he is trying too. There are times when I know that my husband doesn't get me, either, but you know what? I don't always get him, either.

Enjoy your beautiful drawers! I would love to see a picture.

Big hugs,

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