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January 20, 2009


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From the other side of the world, I want to say that everyone I know is looking forward to the positive difference that that man can make to your country and the world.

Tis very exciting times we live in.....


Thank you for your post and collage honoring our 44th President Barack Obama. Yes, it's been an amazing time of transition from despair into hope, darkness into light. We know the work is only just beginning but now we all have the chance to work together to bring about lasting change, and to realize our full potential as a nation and a planet!

What a truly amazing week this has been... I couldn't agree more with your post today. I continue to be inspired and get goose bumps and chills to think of the possibilities of change in our country.

You are doing so great with your blog Kathy! I have been so focused on work over the last two weeks, I haven't put my creative hat on at all....and that needs to change this weekend.

Looking forward to your next post!

Love the artwork! And the possibility and hope that is in the air now. It was a moment that brought Americans together and allowed us to visualize a future of hope. What an exciting time for all of us. I have always been cynical (my first memory of the political process was Watergate: ( For the first time, I feel idealism and hope. Your piece expresses that vividly!

Well said and done with the collage work!

Amazing and inspiring page Kathleen.

Fantastic! It's like a new era has begun. By the way, I visited your SoulCollage link and I love your description write-up. I'll have to do that.

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