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January 16, 2009


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only in true silence can we listen fully and develop deeper intuition. i seem to have a hard time with silence for too long at a time. thanks for this reminder. i too, will be open to silence! your journal page is beautiful, as always.

I'm anxious to hear how it goes.

Funny thing with silence . .. I actually crave it. I find myself going through the house turning things off, retreating behind closed doors, etc. But face the silence of meditation (the silence of the mind), and I can't take it. I get all fidgety and look for noise and action.

!!! (Noticing is the opening.)

I hope you do share how it goes. Sometimes I crave silence, and somtimes music. I go back and forth. But I need to get closer to myself too. I sometimes get lost in all my other roles. Lovely post...and have a beautiful, quiet weekend! roxanne

I'm going to do the same thing....brilliant idea and I just need to calm my thoughts, too.


Hi Kathleen,

My name is Amy Botsford. I have seen your blog, because I am subscribed to a site that alerts me when the name "Botsford" shows up. I like the way you write, and I fancy myself a writer as well, though you put things much more nicely than I do.

I am a Botsford because my husband is Lynn Botsford, we live in Springville, New York, and we also have three children, though they are all grown, and all girls. We also have grandchildren, so I know what you mean about "getting on in years".

I love blogging, and I would be happy to communicate with you.


Hey Kathy,
I love silence and it is so hard to find. I do enjoy driving with no back ground. I also like the quiet of the house. I truly enjoy when I hear the train off in the background on Rte 59.

miss you
Joan DeBlasio

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