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January 12, 2009


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Happy happy birthday Kathy.

Oh my friend...I share your feelings EXACTLY! I even forgot it was my birthday when I woke up and didn't remember until I read an email from a co-worker. It's a little sad to me that birthdays tend to loose their luster as we get older. They were always such an exciting time when we were young. I vote YES on the champagne and YES to that sea salt bath...those sound incredible to pair together.

Hey girlie! If I would have known about your b-day, I would have called! But isn't that the way it goes? I used to feel exactly the same way when my birthday came around, and even lost a friend over it, until I realized that it was really for ME, and I couldn't expect everyone to remember and celebrate it as much as I do.

Your collages are getting more complex and wonderful. I love watching you grow.

Happy Birthday, Kathleen! You share the same day with my daughter. :)

Beautiful images from a beautiful friend! Another year wiser. . . love you.

I love your collage!!! Very striking.

One year for my birthday I planned a trip to a dream workshop for myself. It was lovely. It is hard to cherish ourselves - we are always too busy focusing on others. I hope you did take that bath and have champagne! I'm glad you were born.

Happy Birthday...I often feel a sense of loneliness before I feel absolute joy. I hope that's how you're day went ;)

happy belated birthday kathleen. i hope that your journal entry reflects what you are enjoying.......a little solitude!
i love that word and what it means. you have inspired me to do a solitude page of my own.
thanks as always for sharing! i can always relate to your words.

Wow! This is amazing!
I love the way the photo is in the middle. Brilliant idea!

Happy, happy birthday, Kathleen! I have missed you and stopped by to see how life has been for you. I am glad that you baked yourself a birthday cake. You deserve to eat cake on your birthday! I get "misty" on my birthdays, too. Not really sure why, just happens every year.

I hope that you are doing well and that your kids are all doing great.

Happy, happy, happy birthday!


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