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February 19, 2009


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This is just stunning! What a great day you had. Thanks for sharing.
Your cards will be in the mail tomorrow. :-)

how beautiful - what a wonderful day.

Oh man, am I ever envious! Any chance you feel like sharing some of these techniques in this space? That piece is absolutely breathtaking.

Well....bad photo or not (not) this is really beautiful! What an amazing day!

GOD it sounds like you had a fantastic day!!!! I can't wait to see more more more!

I do love the colors and especially the crinkle-ness (new word) of the paper and the way the texture just pops. It's beautiful Kathy....


Kathleen! Thank you for your comment on your blog!
Wow! I am loving your work! I am gonna add you to my blog roll if that is ok?

Ok Kathy now you have to share with how you got my name only up there and not the whole URL too.

Teaching each other here!

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