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February 21, 2009


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Kathy!!! The entire family!!! I love seeing all of you...I can now officially visualize all of you. Incredible!

I need to catch up with you and on Sunday I'll email you...I hope you're having a fabulous weekend and I'm anxious for a Stevie update, too!


i love that she sent you the one's SHE likes!!!!
and aren't they adorable! BEAUTIFUL FAMILY!
also, i really like the "hope" collage you did. that sounds perfect to have a one on one class with someone. inspiring as usual!!!
wishing you a beautiful Sunday.

Kids that are beautiful on the inside as well as the outside! How special they must be. ~ Jacque

Sweet friend, I love BOTH perspectives. I can definitely see why you loved the portrait you chose and how it struck you the way that it did. I think that when we are young, it's mostly about how we "look" in a photo and not about the moments that are quietly captured. I cannot tell you how many pictures I absolutely adore of my four girls, which they absolutely hate. Your daughters might see the closed eyes or the natural expression the you are so familiar with, but that they do not see all of the time. Your favorite portrait DOES display how your girls feel about one another even though it may not be posed or perfect in their eyes. I understand, and I love the portrait.

I also love the pictures that your daughter chose. They represent the love that she feel for her family and the joy that comes from being young! I think they are perfect, as well.

As Mothers, we have a totally different perspective. We see the absolute beauty that is caught in the not-so-perfect photos. We see the connection. We see the soul.

Either way, I think that your daughters will grow to appreciate that gift that you gave them. Someday, they will see themselves through different eyes, and that is when they will understand everything that makes you love that portrait.

Don't let your girls ruin the way that the portrait makes you feel. Just realize that you are at different stages of life and therefore, view things through different eyes, and that is OK.


That is the sweetest thing ever!

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