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February 08, 2009


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She looks absolutely radiant! I can only imagine how proud you must be. (And WSS is a personal favorite.)

Hi Kathleen~
It's strange but I tho't I left you a comment the other day that I nominated you for a blog award. Maybe it got lost somehow.
Anyway, please go check out my blog for details...

Hi Kathleen~
I'm sitting here giggling, because me too...I had no idea how to do this...and now....let me try to remember how....LOL
So what I did was (I think) was right clicked the award & saved it to my pictures on my computer. Then I uploaded it to the post.
Then I copied the text & pasted it to the post.
Once I finally figured all of that out...came the hardest & yet most rewarding part...passing it on...
This blogland has been an incredible healing journey for me in so many ways...You & your blog have definitely played a huge part in that!
Thank you!
Let me know if that helped....

Hi Kathleen~
My e-mail is cyndee_g@comcast.net

oh... I just left a comment here but rushed on to see more of your blog and lost it, I think! Your daughter's aura is amazing, her energy and the way the cast came together even though they were sick is wonderful! roxanne

what a beautiful photo! she is glowing!
after any event that my children "star" in or attend with other children involved, I am always left on this amazing high, like the world just changed for the better somehow. seeing children shine (our own and others) is one of the best experiences!

I love your blogs about your family and your feelings. You are a wonderful writer!


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