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February 27, 2009


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Again Kathleen, you are just amazing! I love your explorations. What book did you use when you looked up 2 & 3? And living w/ the mystery, I love it also.

Thank you for letting me know about my e-mail address not being present. It is cyndee_g@comcast.net

I love the way your collages are going this past week...the number 23... there is SO much documentation about this number, mostly surrounding good luck if I remember correctly. Google it.. you'll get so many interesting things!

Kathleen, I hope you'll stop by Mayberry Magpie soon. I posted a thank you for your wonderful gifts.

I love this post so much.

Hi there, quick stop in before I have to head out to the city this moring. Thanks for you kind words on my last post. I'm loving these pieces your putting together. And the air of mystery is always a intriquing thing. Lets us the viewer play around with what the numbers mean to us too. But love to hear about your meaning.

Peace lady~

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