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February 15, 2009


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Awww I like the pic a lot. Both girls are beautiful. Like a lot of really great things, I'm sure she will learn to cherish this photo as time goes along. :)

Hi Kathleen~
The portrait is absolutely stunning. The feeling & the energy that it captivated is breathtaking.
Yet even more so what you wrote about it. And your process thru this. It's beautiful to be a witness to your soul's journey. Thank you for all that you share. It is a gift to everyone that comes here.
As far as the emblem...what if you give me your e-mail address & I e-mail it to you...

My parents too had a large portrait of my sisters and I that they loved and displayed on the living room wall, I so hated that picture when I was young, I thought I looked terrible! Today when I go home to visit, it is one of my favorite things to see in my childhood home, my sisters and I all together watching over my parents. Your daughters are just beautiful! As my sisters and I get older I cherish every memory we have of being together, and especially the time when that picture was taken. Thank you for sharing, this was a nice post it made me smile for you and me. ~Jacque

What an amazing picture Kathy...I wish I had one of these with my mom.... how wonderful to have something like this to capture such a moment! By the way, they are absolutely beautiful young women, just like their mom :-)

This is a stunning portrait, it will be appreciated in years to come, but for now it's enough that it's so dear to you. I have 2 daughters as well - Stephanie and Victoria. I don't have a sister and always wished that I had, but my heart is filled with my girls' sisterly love for one another and I love everything that being their mother brings to me.

I loved your post, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Best Wishes ;o)

I too have two daughters. Over the years I have collected a few pictures of them! There are two of them that captures the essence of sisterhood. One when they were little girls and one where they are young women. I cherish both of these pictures, even though neither the girls or my husband see anything special in either of them. I do. I understand how you feel. I will post these two pics on my blog.

it is beautiful. i love the eyes closed.....isn't it funny that we can all see something different in the same exact thing. that happens often in my life too. and the biggest lesson of all......not to take things personal! how can something so simple be SO hard!
thanks for sharing.

This photograph is magical to me...it is wonderful your girls have this bond and that they wll have it forever... it's okay that they don't like it, what it means to you is more important... Roxanne

Incredibly beautiful photo!!! She will one day come to appreciate it, I am very sure.

Thanks for sharing - I have two daughters too, and now they are both mid teens, they get along really well, sharing things and time where they never did before. I understand totally where you are coming from - because I didnt have a sister, I love what they have together. Hopefully it will last a lifetime.

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