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February 14, 2009


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Oh what a wonderful post and why do we fret over such silly things when we are younger? Have a great evening.

A heart warming essay!

very interesting post. and yes, things do look a lot different on the other side of forty :)

your collage and journal pages are awesome!
happy valentines day

(and i agree...what is with just the 1 day)

Perfectly stated. Thank you and Happy Valentine's Day to you and your loved ones. - Betty

Happy Valentines day! Love your work and your gorgeous blog. :)



Every relationship is as unique as a snowflake, you know yours, good for you! I'm still loving your valentine though and I actually think I like to give them more than receiving. Go figure....Jim Dine on a small scale!

you have a brilliant outlook. i ALWAYS learn something here. here on this little blog of yours that i look forward to reading. it's true, raw, honest, selfless and REAL. beautiful art and beautiful words. thank you for sharing. really. thank you.

Happy Valentines Day Kathleen

My husband and I dont do anything for this day either but, to be honest, in Australia we dont make such a big deal of it as you do in the US. So it was just a nice dinner with the family for us - we dont sit down all together all that often so it was really nice.

Love you collages - am going to create my first collage journal page today - wish me luck!!


Love is found in the simplest of gestures - a kind smile, a gentle touch, the predictable, quirky things our spouses do each day, that "look" that is so familiar, and spending time together. Enjoy your dinner tonight. Your collage is gorgeous and filled with so much passion.

Thanks for coming out to play!

Happy Valentine's Day.
{soul hugs}

Happy Valentine's Day! I love your post...so very true! I hope you had a lovely day!

Happy Valentines but also Happy Secret Friend Day and All Hearts Day! We don't make much of a fuss either as my Birthday is on the 10th and it gets too overwhelming for my poor mate. So we combine it, the roses he buys for my birthday stand in quite handily for the roses on the 14th. I like the idea of keeping sacred the Every Day (what a wonderful way to phase it and you quoted from my all time fave author, John O Donohue- miss him miss him miss him!) as you so wisely pointed out, those family dinners are getting fewer. I remember one wise soul saying we have to 'fight like tigers' to preserve those days.

What a beautiful post! Happy Valentines Day!

What lovely pictures.

Your collage is gorgeous.

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