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March 30, 2009


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So, so beautiful!

I'm glad you're back! Hope you had a wonderful trip and that you ease back into the routine (always difficult) without too much "pain and suffering" (but hundreds of emails? egads!)

I always find it amazing the magic that happens during those times when something sets us off on a different path. I live for magic!
Oh how I do wish we were neighbors :)

The day back from vacation always is such a rough one in my opinion...a downer so to speak! I hope it was a fabulous trip. I need to catch up with you and will hopefully be back on my email/blog run this week since I've fallen behind.

I do hope you had a wonderful trip and that you are settling back into everyday life! It seems like sometimes life likes to slam us as soon as we find a quiet space in our days. When we want to linger in the serenity, the Universe often has other ideas.


Loss of power is a transitory gift that makes us aware of how ephemeral all this technology that surrounds us can be.

Beautiful art today on this post but that's pretty much a constant for you! Lucky chica! I love the negative spaces in this one, but I'm a sucker for those. This one is spring regardless of your snow!

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