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March 03, 2009


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What a wonderful reminder!
Your work always resonates so deeply w/ me.
I'm glad things worked out last weekend :)
And...hmmm...I don't believe I have that book....

I love your reference to "granny", I call the Tao Te Ching my "old friend". I discovered a couple years ago "Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life" by Dr. Wayne Dyer and because I am so familiar with his words I find it very easy to read. The book can be an amazing friend. I do the random opening now and always seem to get exactly what I need for that moment.. good choice~Jacque

Man, there's so much about this post I love, I don't know where to begin. My favorite part I think is "The great-grandmother, rocking in the corner. Quietly minding her own business with an inner sense as sharp as a knife. Seeing all things and doing nothing." Oh how I aspire to be that wise woman.

But this part also resonates deeply with me: "All of this would have happened with or without the book." So true! The key is learning to be the master and letting things take their course. But it sure helps to have our little aids, doesn't it?

I'm heading to Amazon right now to buy the book!

P.S. I'm sorry your weekend was so challenging, but I appreciate you sharing your insights.

Can relate Lady and yes sit with a while and rock and all things come right again.

hi kathleen
wow, i needed this today! learning to sit and let things take their course is hard for me. i am learning many lessons with this new phase of my life taking place.....(living with a pre-teen).......and everyone i talk to says it's gonna get worse.
that's just disheartening! but when i sit, watch, and listen.....and keep my mouth closed tight, things seem to work out better than when i try to orchestrate everything!.
i hope to become the wise woman in the rocking chair!
thanks for sharing your beautiful thoughts and art.

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