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March 08, 2009


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How wonderful that your collages will be gifts to some one new. Someone who can look at them and study them and see what you saw when you created them, or see something totally new and different. And that you will be busy making art!
This piece is beautiful, the way, your colors and printing of lace and other materials, the number 56, and the writing...what kind of writing is it?? Congratulations! Roxanne

Congratulations! Being a part of this exhibit is so cool. (And it's a lesson for you, too! 2-for-1!)

"Holding on to nothing." Man, that's something I need lots of work on, too. Off to the Tao!

It's funny Kathy....I was just commenting on this same discussion with Karen Wallace.... go look at her 3/4 post (I think) and you can read my comments there. Letting go for me is associated with forgiveness too. That's a tough one. Not necessarily with people who are so very close to me, but maybe to those relationships that didn't pan out the way they were supposed to.

People always suggest ... move on, it's not worth the energy, let it go.....dude, that's so much easier said then done. I think also that this may prove to be our topic of disucssion for this summer since we see one another for a few workshops at valley ridge.

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