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April 09, 2009


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As a recovering agnostic, I enjoyed your last paragraph. I am reading for an Easter sunrise service at the UCC here and have mixed feelings about religion as presented to me. But, with a background in art history and myth/religion I feel at home somehow with the liturgy and people at church. Your writing rang true to me.

So deeply moving...as I always find when coming here to explore your creations & your writing...
Thank you my dear precious soul sister of mine!
I am just always amazed to find such resonance here w/ you!

Beautiful traditions filled with so much meaning. I have always felt a certain kinship with people of Catholicism. As a Jewish woman, I can truly appreciate religions that are based in symbolism and tradition.

So sorry that we couldn't hug in person when you were out here for SB, but I totally understand! Hopefully someday, we will be able to sit down and have a lovely chat in person. I would really love that.

Happy Easter, dear one.

Love you,

You are a wise one.

Just checkin' in on you. Hope all is going well!

This is the second time today I have visited blogs and thought I had left comments when I hadn't. Sometimes I look at blogs at work, and when I comment I may be in a rush, so don't see the process all the way through.
What I wanted to say to you was that the Catholic religion is very beautiful. My husband is a Catholic, and so was his family and I always have loved going to church with them.
But that mystical connection that you wrote of I have felt too. In the old churches in England, but especially in the even older churches in the tiny towns of France. The connection to the past, to the divine and to God. Sorry I lost my first comment to you, but this one might be better! Roxanne

great man :D

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