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April 22, 2009


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OOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MYYYYYYYYY GODDDDDD!!!!!!!! I have no words Kathy.... none! I have a tear in my eye though since I cannot imagine how proud you must've felt... thank you for sharing these fantastic pictures! What an accomplishment.


My heart is doing absolute flippety flops as I read this. I want to go back & read it over & over again. Tears streaming down my face. Huge smile plastered on my face. There is just nothing better than that day!
And I love that later you included that he will get his heart broken again. It is about embracing ALL of it!
And I LOVE the picture of the 3 of you!!!

I'm a mother so I can understand how you must feel. But what I'm really thinking about -- what I can't imagine -- is how his father feels. Because a father's pride for his son is . . . heart bursting.

What a great tribute to Stevie. He'll remember the day, no doubt, but he'll treasure this story.

i want his autograph!
Be Proud.

May God Protect him, too. :)

Kathie, I am absolutely ELATED in hearing about this wonderful experience! I know how much this means to Stevie and to your family! What a great day! Looking at the photos gave me goose-bumps because I could just feel your excitement and pride!

Thanks so much for sharing.


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