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April 05, 2009


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As always, I love this.
Especially that your daughter is up for whatever mood you are in.
That is the part that I have been contemplating the last couple of days. Considering if I am to find this little girl & bring her home w/ me. And that she gets to be a part of this process of discovery & the creation of this dream of mine. That she gets to cocreate w/ me.
Today, I am thrilled to consider these possibilities...or whatever unfolds....

Too funny! We did have the same kind of energy going! And while a tad of that remains, I'm much more in the flow now. I think that time out really is what we need sometimes.

Oh, how lovely these days sound to me... they remind my of summer... Roxanne

I kind of like the driving time back and forth...but then, I love to drive... I get so much out of disappearing in to almost a trance...but in a very good way.

Oh Kathy... I love days like the two you spent..and you describe them beautifully. I'm glad you gave yourself that gift. Talk w/you when you get back from your conference.. hopefully.

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