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September 03, 2009


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How EXCITING! As I started reading my heart started doing cartwheels & backflips. Too bad my body doesn't do those :))
Are you leading the Soul Collage workshops? When are they?? Hmmm....
And how about older & carefree....? ;)
I am looking forward to pictures of this weekend!!

Kathleen, this sounds like such an incredible time for you and your family... I love your collage and that you are creating so much jewelry...I want to see it! And where is Soul Collage? I love September too.... Roxanne

The excitement of the Football games must be incredible for your family! Enjoy it.

Love your other post about the Aunts and the cousin (no time lost between u, that is so true between soul friends). Your words made me see my grandmother and her sisters sitting, as i do with mine, talking the real talk.

thank you.

Oh my, passing out from artistry, what a way to lose consciousness! Have fun with the football game, it sounds exciting! Love the pale robin egg blue card in the entry preceding this. Love Durer lace and dots too.

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