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December 12, 2009


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Today, indeed, I am already a winner. With a child's delight I say thank you. I can't wait!

Wow - Kathleen, what a surprise this was! Thank you for the kind words and gift! And, btw, yesterday, while decorating our tree I discovered that we *can* hold joy and sadness at the same time! I laughed and cried at the same time! They co-exist! What a release that was... :(:

Heart Smiles to you! Christine

Merry Christmas Kathleen... and may winter blessings and light fill your heart... I thought I was checking on your blog regularly, but only saw the give-away post and thought that you were taking a break... but now somehow I see you have made many posts... I don't know how I missed them... Your family looks so beautiful, the little girls so filled with laughter and fun... and your journal pages gorgeous... Christmas brings so many mixed feelings to me as well... love to you, Roxanne

MAGNIFICENT articulation of the soul's journey. That is what I can ALWAYS count on from you precious one. I have been away for some time. Words have evaded me. Not just in writing. But even in absorbing what I read also. I know you know the auspiciousness of such a time. And the weirdness at the same time. My Guides said they were rewiring me. I wonder if they are done yet? LOL Much love~~~Cyndee

I both identify and sympathize with you. Best thing for me was/is to stay in the moment and give up ANY expectations. Christmas IS for kids. You're wise to focus on yours ! Soon, they'll have their own lives and you'll wish you could relive these days again.

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