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April 03, 2010


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Happy Easter Kathy...xo

Happy Easter to you and family.


Hope you had a wonderful Easter. We had a very low-key Passover, but that was fine. Still riding that "feeling lucky" vibe since my mom had such a fortunate diagnosis. Trying to bat away little annoyances with this lucky bat.

blessings dear one.

I seem to have developed tendonitis or some kind of over use injury in my left wrist and hand...making typing painful for me...so I might not be blogging as much for a while... this includes commenting on your amazingly inspiring blog-and this is soooooo hard for me. (this is kind of a form message I've typed and am copying and pasting at all my favorite blog hangouts. Sorry it must seem completely random in relation to your post) I can still read your posts- I will be present to you in a quiet way-reading and viewing your words and images, and leaving a simple ☺
to let you know I have dropped by and am thinking about you.

Gentle steps,

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