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May 21, 2010


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I'm with you! I'm 47 and I look 47 and I think that's wonderful. I saw a photo of Meg Ryan yesterday in a magazine and she looks awful. Artificially plumped cheeks and lips . . . ugh!

i completely agree, great post!!

This is so true! With four daughters, I am very, very careful about the self-image that I have passed on to them. You will never hear one of my girls say that they are "fat", which they are not, but too many girls their ages get sucked into that horrible cycle. When they were little, I never complained about my body. I allowed them to see me naked throughout different stages of pregnancy, post-pregnancy and so on. They know what a real woman's body looks like and they know that I am pretty gentle with myself as far as body image goes. I think that it is very important that women "think" before they say something in front of their daughters that might stick. Too many mothers complain about their own bodies in front of their children. This perpetuates the myths.

Great post, Kath!

Hugs and love,

Hi Kathleen, I'm still battling to send you an email. It just comes back Mail Delivery Failure. Perhaps I can facebook you instead.

26 of age is still young to go through botox. Women not satisfied on how they look. We shouldn't teach young people to just hide their line. It's still with how you treat your self. They will look plastic at the young age.

I'm also with you, sweetie! We cannot avoid aging, but we can always look gorgeous if we always feel good about ourselves despite our age. It's okay if you want to go for surgery, but know your limits.

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