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August 19, 2010


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Awww, what a picture. And yeah, her face does show a big swirl of emotions. Thanks for popping up with an inspiring and timely post. Good to read you again!

my girls start 8th and 11th next week, and already I am beginning to feel this shift of my role...the sense of sweet water running through my hands. It is a blessing to see them grow into their own, yet still, their is a sadness. They are feeling it too, they've said so.

Oh dear friend. It is a difficult time. As mothers, we grow to feel so connected to our children, only to have to find a way to "disconnect" during their teen years and beyond.

You have done a great job. Your children will always be your children. Things will be different, but you will find your way back to something new and wonderful.

Love and big hugs,

A blessed child! These words of Gibran's are some of my favorite; after reading them, I telephoned my own Mom and read them to her. I was reminded as well of a beautiful speech by Sidney Poitier that his character gave to his 'father' in the movie "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner" that is quite similar to Gibran's eloquence; I never forgot that portion of the movie even after many, many years.

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