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November 10, 2010


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Love the Burrough's quote as well as the unsettled lizard! Journals are perfect for musing visually....

This is gorgeous, of course Kathleen. The colors are so deeply soothing and the quote just beautiful!

This is beautiful. And I was thinking about you today and even went on line to see if it was a "mercury retrograde" time (it's not) because I have been completely brainless and confused and forgetful (like 4 trips back into the house for every time I try to go somewhere, because I keep forgetting things). Remember how you won my old contest AND educated me at the same time way back when? Well, you keep educating me, but somehow I've been remiss with the prizes. For that I apologize. Great lizard, art and quote.

Hello, dear heart!

It is so important for us to acknowledge when we are feeling unsettled, to accept it, and to do something good for ourselves to try to move past the feelings.

I hope that you are feeling better and that everything is going well. I think about you often and when I do, I send lots of happy energy your way!

Love and hugs,

Beautiful page... I love seeing how you work through your life in your art. And your son looks great... happy Thanksgiving to you, roxanne

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