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January 24, 2011


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The world truly is your oyster, Kathleen... oxoxoxox

I have a feeling you are going to surprise yourself and us too! You have so much going on for you, when you have the time --- look out!

Indeed adventures await. But it is a bittersweet time as our babies take their leave. I find myself cheering them on while quietly missing the chaos of when they were little and careening through the house. last summer when they were both gone was the worst. i glimpsed how it will be when my youngest leaves for college next year. and yet it only means you have done good by your babies, and their wings are strong. You are a good mother. And you have such talents to explore and enjoy!

Oh Kathleen, I've been meaning to write and thank you for you beautiful, generous email the other day...it meant so much...I suppose I've been on an inner adventure of late...so many possibilities indeed. I've watched several of my friends go through this transition from mostly Mom to what now? And I've seen tremendous growth in these women...some clinging more at first...others surrendering to the new map unfolding with excitement...all finding their way with grace as you will too.

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