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September 22, 2011


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fascinating thought. energy clouds into which we stumble. hmm. the thing i like about it is the assurance it gives me that the mood will pass. xo

Awesome writing. Can I say that?

We can go from fragile to strong back to fragile again within minutes and each emotion takes on a singular importance as it comes but then fades into the background as it passes. I like the way that the red circles on your journal page resemble different facets of the moon but also, how some of them go from being a "C" and then back to a full "O" again somewhere else on the page. The "C"s represent control to me and then the "O"s remind me to remain open to what will come next whether I think I am in control or not.

I hope that you are feeling less fragile right now, but being vulnerable is part of what makes you such a beautiful human being.

If you want to talk soon, let me know:)

Love you,

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