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August 31, 2012


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How many early Septembers have you and I been through together now? It seems as if only yesterday, you and I connected as friends, and now, our kids are not really "kids" anymore. It sounds as if you are getting your home put together. I love the finishing touches that you are creating in order to make it feel like a wonderful place to celebrate your beloved ND! Miss you and hope to chat very soon. Life moves too quickly. You and Victoria are definitely right!

Love you so much:)

Missing you... I know you've been busy since football is well underway now... hope you're having a fabulous Fall.. xo

'Tis the season, with September here marking a new beginnings and letting go as well, especially as the children have bloomed into young adults and are pursuing their dreams. The empty-nest-life, is..."different" - yet good. It's allowed me to broaden my bloom too...and to discover the different facets of that.

The collages you've created to adorn the new place are beautiful! I know they'll look fabulous and warm the new condo with the love you put into them. Beautiful!

love you... and miss our chats and visits ...

congratulations on your new home...may it be a safe haven and may the changes (challenges) allow you to grow your wings and soar...continuously flying toward your own precious wise self.

It’s really nice to have something like a memorabilia or photo collage you cherish most displayed in your own place. And that football collage of yours is admirable. Someday, if I have my own place, I’d put up a photo collage of all the precious people in my life too. ;)

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